Volume 9, Issue 4

Home Entertainment Show 2003 - San Francisco

Chuck Bruce:

Another engaging and cost-effective compact ensemble was the pairing of Creek electronics with the two-channel version of Alon's "Napoleon" system. This includes the 12-inch Thunderbolt subwoofer. A complete five-channel system (less electronics) retails for $2995. The two-way Napoleon satellites have 4.5-inch bi-laminate mid/woofers and a one-inch silk dome tweeter and retail for $695 while the powered woofer goes for around $1000. There was a very natural synergy between these components as the 100-watt Creek 5350 stereo integrated amplifier and Model 53 CD player powered this space saving system to levels of involvement that held listeners rapt attention for long listening sessions. The soundstaging was truly superb. I give this ensemble top honors as the most cost effective and musical of its class in the show.

George Graves:

deHavilland was demonstrating their single-ended amps with a pair of Alon by Acarian "Lotus Elite" Signature Loudspeakers (what would Colin Chapman say?). I got to audition both for some time, the sound was impressive. The Alon's are excellent speakers with good bottom and an airy, natural top end. deHavilland sells a beautiful single-ended triode amplifier called the Aries 845-C. The 845 refers to the 845 transmitter triode used to push 30 watts out of a single-ended amp. I was very impressed with easy power and great dynamic range afforded by the combination.